Job Skill Centre

November 22nd, 2010

Part of the vision of AHOS is to work towards ending all forms of abuse against women and children. To restore a wholesome family life to all victims of abuse and assist them to become productive citizens.

But survivors of abuse who cannot be integrated with their families must be empowered to fend for themselves.

Therefore the Job Skill Centre is part of the plan for a One Stop Victim Empowerment Centre where we can teach women particular skills so they can be re-integrated in the community and generate an income for themselves and their children.

The initial sponsor for this part of the project could not fullfill their commitment. At the moment AHOS is using a container next to the Holland Early Learning Centre as a training centre and production facility for needle work and industry sewing classes. The running costs of this is sponsored by SAWIT (South African Wine Industry Trust).

The Department of Correctional Services has made windows in the container, put in a floor and build a wall with a secure entrance. André and Annelies Jongepier from Holland donated an Airco unit when they visited AHOS in January and the temperture inside the container was over 50 degrees .

Computers that were donated from several companies are now being used in different locations for students until we have a facility at the AHOS grounds. Part of the plan is to also train the women in basic computer skills like fast faultless typing, where there is still a big need in the business world.

AHOS is looking for a sponsor to build a real stone Job Skill Centre. Initial budget for this is ZAR 650.000 (€ 67.000).