Kaya Thembi Secondary Housing

November 22nd, 2010

Because the vision of AHOS is to restore a wholesome family life and to reintegrate victims of abuse wherever possible with their families, there was also a need for Secondary Housing.

Families can be counselled in the counselling centre individually and with the family together.

When there is hope for a renewed normal family life but the family still needs to receive more help and counselling to restore a normal relationship and family life the secondary housing project can provide a house where the family can live for a maximum of 9 months under guidance of the Vital Health Counselling Centre.

The Houses are called Kaya Thembi, which means “place of hope” in Xhosa language and are build right next to the Counselling Centre and the Shelter.

To build a house will cost ZAR 145.000 (approx. €15.000).

The first house was build with money raised by Susan and Marjo through their Jewellery parties. Victor Samaai performed the Stone laying ceremony in honour of all his dedication and voluntary work with all the construction at AHOS.

The second house was made possible through the donation of Marco and Antje Seiler from Germany in honour of their son Jakob. The ceremonies took place on June 15, 2010.

The foundation for the other 2 houses is done and sponsored by childrenofpaarl. AHOS is now looking for 2 other sponsors to finish the last two homes of this project.

The expectation is that the first 2 homes will be occupied by the beginning of 2011.