Vital Health Counseling Centre

November 22nd, 2010

Vital Health Foods from Cape Town has sponsored the building of this counselling Centre with ZAR 360.000.

The name is therefore now officially The Vital Health Counseling Centre.

The Vital Health Counseling Centre is next to the Shelter. There are several small offices, two private counselling rooms, a group counselling room and space for future use of the local police when they will integrate an office at the AHOS grounds.

The government is very reluctant with supporting these kind of initiatives with enough subsidies to have full-time social workers on board. At this moment AHOS receives a subsidy for a social worker for 20 hours. Additional support and help is currently done by volunteers and from the AHOS budget.

Mrs. Hendricks is the social worker on site for 20 hours a week.

In 2009 a donation of the van de Nadort family made it possible to have paving in front of the counselling rooms and between the counselling centre and the shelter.

The Athlone Institute Trust is renting an office in this building that helps taking care of some of the costs.

The first stone of this building was laid on may 17, 2007 by Mr. Ngconde Balfour, minister of Correctional services and the building was officially opened on December 9, 2008 by Ginny Grieve, director of Vatal Health Foods.

The mission of the Counselling Centre is to provide the counselling and support to victims and their families and to reunite families where possible.