The shelter

December 1st, 2010

The Shelter
After the establishment of AHOS as a non –profit organisation and the financial commitment of the Athlone Institute Trust to support the Shelter with an interest free loan of ZAR 500.000 the building of the shelter could start in May 2005.

The contract price of the building was ZAR 1.500.000 but with the help of the Department of Correctional Services the building program was done through the Restorative Justice Program with offenders guided by wardens of the Allandale and Drakenstein Correctional Facilities for about 60% of the initial price quote.

The Shelter for abused women and children was officially opened in December 2009 but has been helping victims of abuse since October 2009.

The Shelter is furnished mainly by furniture, clothes, computers etc. that came with containers from Holland and England. A project that was managed by Marjanne Weggemans in the Netherlands and sponsored by companies like Kopf und Lübben Shipping in Germany, Dijkshoorn International movers and van Zanten Builders in Holland. There were also many donations from local companies and a donation of ZAR 200.000 from the Western Cape Government for furniture and fittings.

Permanent and voluntary staff from the community staffs the Shelter and victims are referred to the AHOS by SAPS (police), DSD (Social Services), Churches and the Justice system.

AHOS can provide temporary accommodation to up to 30 adults and children while their situation is assessed. On average there are about 10 mothers and 15 children (in age range of 3 months till 15 years).

During the day Ms. Baartmans is the housekeeper with Ms. Pietersen as assistant housekeeper. Their salaries and food for the Shelter etc. is paid from the AHOS budget. At night there are volunteers from the local churches who stay at the Shelter for help and safety.

The Shelter manager is Ms. Merle Snyder.