New Web Site Live!

March 29th, 2011

With the help of Martijn from DC in Rotterdam for the original design and Maarten en Daan from DC for technical assistence we are very happy to have to real childrenofpaarl website now up and running!

Stefan from Syzygy in Frankfurt has been the help for getting it hosted in the right way and Ad has been trying to pull everything together in English and Dutch from Paarl to get it working.

The goal is to have Merle, the centre manager from AHOS and Sunet, the principal at the Holland Early Learning Centre to update this news site on a regular bases from Paarl while Ad with the help of Marjanne in Holland will try to keep the site up-to-date from Holland.

Please note that this CHILDRENOFPAARL website is not an official AHOS site. The Athlone House Of Strength does not have a website and because 95% of our support at this moment goes to AHOS and the Holland Early Learning Centre this CHILDRENOFPAARL website will show all the info about AHOS we could find. And therefor will look like an AHOS website as well.

Please fill in your e-mail address and confirm the e-mail that will come in to your inbox to receive notice of updates made on this website!