Ahos helps women.

May 9th, 2011

This week the local newspaper in Paarl posted an article about several donations that were made in the last few weeks. A scan of the original article can be found at the “Media” section under “About Us”.

Our premises has been standing for 4 years now and due to the R120 767.00 we received from Mr. Klaus D Becker, and the fact that we have a Handyman/Driver, we are doing repairs to the Shelter and the Secondary Houses. So far, we bought the electrical wiring, the materials and the fittings for the cupboards at the Secondary Houses that should be completed soon by the Correctional Services.

We are replacing doors, putting up shelving, replacing tiles, painting the rooms, hanging paintings and in general just maintaining  the Centre.

We have no relationship with either Mr. Martin the executor, and Mr. Fred van Wyk. What we do know is that Mr. Klaus D Becker was not married, and that his wish was the money be shared amongst Non Profit Organizations that he listed.

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