Sponsoring through the Carbage Run!

June 28th, 2011

4 Big guys on the run….. The Carbage Run. A fantastic adventure that lasts 5 days through Europe in a car that may not cost more than 500 euro!

The Carbage run is not just an thrilling route in an old car; this is a hobby and an adventure that they will not forget! And they will have to get to the start in an exciting and creative way to participate in this amazing line of cars!

The trip

In 5 days the roads will take them through The Netherlands, Germany, Danmark, Sweden and Norway. A total of 3.000 km. 5 Days to get from A to B. Sometimes in their own way, sometimes with a dedicated route that will take them over the most beautiful but also most difficult roads to drive!

• The Goal.

This race is not about speed, but about creativity and fun. These boys from Drive2Care added a 3rd element. Charity!

With the race they try to get sponsors to contribute to a charity foundation. This year they drive for Childrenofpaarl! We hope they will be safe, have fun and finnish with a nice sponsor amount for the children at AHOS!

• When?

25 – 29 july, 2011

You can find more info on their (Dutch) website

You can also read there how to help them with their sponsoring 🙂

(Deze tekst is in het Nederlands op de website te lezen op de Nederlandse nieuwspagina!)