Update from Paarl

June 17th, 2011

Many times we see smiling faces and are humbled by the stories we hear at the Holland Early Learning Centre (HELC). At the Shelter the stories are most of the times only sad and difficult to understand. This time we have unfortunately also a sad story from the HELC.

At the HELC there are children who’s mother is in the Shelter but also children from the neighbourhood. AHOS ask parents to pay a school fee but when they are not able to do so, we ( are helping out. Unfortunately that has happened again.

The father of one of our children at HELC has murdered the mother and the child is now staying with an aunt who is not able to pay the school fees. In situations like this we contribute the school fee, so the child can at least stay at the school.

The farther is in jail waiting for his sentence. Very sad news.

Many people think it is always summer in South Africa, but they have winters too! At the moment there are very cold days and none of the buildings at AHOS have heating. During the resting time after lunch the children are now laying down on an extra small mattress and with blankets to keep them warm.

There is still so much to do, but maybe we can install a heating system one day in the future!

Earlier, despite the cold weather on 14th May 2011, Holland Early Learning Centre organized it’s sports day. It was held on the premises at AHOS. The learners were divided into 2 groups namely Red and Blue. Various items were held and all parents, aunts, uncles participated in this event. Items  were sold included food, luxuries and beadwork made by the residents were sold in abundance. Our Social Worker donated a 1 litre bottle of Amarula and it was raffled and won by one of the learners Grandmother.

All the excitement paid off and with no injuries it was the Blue Team who won. Due to the support of all, an amount of R2278.90 was raised.