Holland Early Learning Centre

January 12th, 2013

In the original idea this started as a Child Care Centre.
In January 2005 Ad and Marjo Rietveld from Holland met with John and Pat Martin, listened to their story and decided to sponsor the building of the Child Care Centre with ZAR 500.000.

After the initial sponsoring the Rietveld family became really involved. Not only with the Child Care Centre but with the whole AHOS project and created a big group of supporters amongst family and friends throughout the world who have continued to support AHOS financially and with goods through many ongoing activities.

The idea of the Child Care Centre was to take care of the children of abused mothers while their mothers were working or and also provide pre-school care for about 20 children.
During the construction the plans were revised with the help of the Department of Social Services and the name changed in the paperwork to the Holland Educare Centre with more guidelines for a focus on learning. Because of that AHOS could also apply for financial support from the Department of Education.

On March 7th, 2006, Ad and Marjo Rietveld performed a stone laying ceremony at the Holland Child Care Centre and in September 2007 the construction of the Centre was finished and activities could start after the school holiday in January 2008.

The official name is now definitely set as Holland Early Learning Centre.payday loans There is a full time professional teacher and support and a small contribution from the government.
Almost all of the furniture, toys and books came from the containers in Holland and the ladies of the Lions Club in Paarl beautifully painted the inside of the Centre.

In October 2008 Wings Of Support, an organization by employees of KLM in Holland, donated a playground construction and money to build and maintain a safe outside playground. There are 40 children at the Holland Early Learning Centre today. Children from the Shelter can now just attend a normal school and play and mix with the children from the surrounding community.

Children from the community pay a school fee of ZAR 150 per month and ZAR 200 if they also need after school care till 5 p.m. The salaries of the principal, assistant and cleaners are still paid from the donation of Childrenofpaarl activities.

Principal Sunet Francis manages the Holland Early Learning Centre.