Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility
More and more companies are supporting the employees in making a difference at other projects outside their work.

Many companies in South Africa, Holland and Germany have made contributions in several ways.

Schretlen & Co, the private bank from the Rabobank in Holland committed 4 employees to help with activities during a golf sponsor day and on top of that donated € 5.000 euro for AHOS.

Kopf und Lübben from Bremen sponsored the shipping of the containers from Holland to Paarl with the help of their South African partner Katlego Global Logistics, donated an empty container for AHOS that is used as much needed storage space and organized a charity auction in Bremen where they raised money for AHOS.

Molco Developments in Paarl is sponsoring their time and knowledge by controlling all the money that gets into the childrenofpaarl account in Paarl and managing the cash flow to AHOS and other projects without charging any cost.

Wings of Support, employees of KLM, have donated the jungle gym for the Holland Early Learning Centre.

Werner Kruger from Kinetek in Paarl has spend a lot of time helping out to set up IT infrastructure and prepare the computers from the containers for use at @Comlab or at AHOS.

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Reinder van Raalte works as IT specialist new development at the RET in Rotterdam. When replacing computers for new windows PC’s he joined forces with his brother Willem who is the CEO of Da Vinci Europe and who agreed to clean and setup the computers for use at our projects in Paarl, South Africa.

Many other companies contributed in different ways.
Sometimes with donations of goods, sometimes with donations of time, sometimes with donations of money.

Think about what your company can do for AHOS and the children in Paarl.