New York Marathon
Arjen Onderwater visited AHOS in November 2009 with 3 friends. He was one of the last persons who got a tour from founder John Martin before John got too sick from cancer to show people around and talk about his dreams.

Arjen was impressed with the work of many volunteers and the stories from John about the mothers and children who had to deal with home abuse.

When Arjen started to train for the New York Marathon he knew he wanted to find sponsors for AHOS and the childrenofpaarl who would donate an amount for every kilometre he would finish.

Martijn made a logo, we built a special page on a website where people could mail Arjen with a donation per kilometre and Arjen and his friends started mailing their family and friends.

Within 2 weeks an amount of € 35 euro per kilometre was committed to and at the time of the race Arjen raised 42 x ZAR 630 = ZAR 26.500!

The counter on the website was followed closely with great excitement by the volunteers in Paarl who have all been cheering for Arjen!

Think about what activity you and your circle of family and friends can sponsor for AHOS!