De mensen van AHOS

The AHOS board members:

1. Father Denver Heugh – Chairperson – Holy Trinity Church
2. Mr. Charles Ockert – Treasurer – Bethel Congregational Church
3. Mr. Michael Cottee – Secretary – Holy Trinity Church
4. Reverend Danny George – Bethel Congregational Church
5. Reverend Tony Masent – Immanuel United Reformed Church
6. Father Christopher Swartz – St Stephens Church
7. Reverend Jimmy De Wet – Zions United Reformed Church
8. Mr. Casper Adams – Zions United Reformed Church
9. Mr. Cambell Ontong – St Stephens Church
10. Mrs. Katy Ruiters – Immanuel United Reformed Church

They are all members of the Athlone Institute Trust as well and as you can see from the five Governing Churches of AHOS.

Althlone House Of Strength (AHOS):

Melissa Koopman – Shelter manager
Lizette Baxter, Social worker
Zenobia Booysen – Social Auxiliary Worker
Natasha Truter – Admin Clerck

Holland Early Learning Center: (HELC)

Sunet Francis – Principal
Mrs. Pietersen – Assistant teacher

Mrs. Pietersen, assistent HELC

Holland Early Learning Center





Sunet Francis, Principal at HELC

Sunet Francis, Principal Holland Early Learning Centre

Mrs. Lizette Baxter, Social worker at the Counseling Centre

Admin Clerck, Natasha Truter