Supporting Schools
We believe that a good education for everybody is the way to get a better way of living for all South Africans in the long term.

We are also supporting schools in the coloured neighbourhood of Paarl.

The people have very little income to pay for the schools and the schools are struggling to facilitate the very basic needs for the children.

We are always looking for people who would like to help with contacts, money or useful goods.

With the help of many companies and people we have been able to ship a container with goods to Paarl in November 2006.
The first container was full with furniture and clothes for the different AHOS buildings.
But the same companies have agreed to sponsor the shipment of a second container in January 2008! In this container we have been able to include a lot of stuff for the schools in Paarl.

We have been able to support schools with “old” but usable computers (!) for the Students.

We have been able to supply the Noorder Paarl High School with gymnastic stuff and basketball stands.

Printers and Audio and Visual equipment was very welcome at the schools as well.

With money we have been able to decorate a teachers room at the high school and in March 2006 we have organized a day trip of 1024 children of the Dalweide Elementary School to the sea. Even though they live only 60 kilometers from the coast most of these children has never seen the sea. The school based a whole educational programm around this trip.