We believe that a good education for everybody is the way to get a better way of living for all South Africans in the long term.

This does not only apply to traditional schooling but there are so many children with talents that will never be developed because they don’t get the chance to discover it.

This can be for a future as an artist, a painter, a sculpture, a musician etc…

In 2007 the people behind childrenofpaarl collected musical instruments to help Morné Meijer accomplish a dream.

Morné’s dream was to find the talented children in the townships and coloured neighbourhoods and be able to offer them music lessons even if they cannot afford to buy or rent instruments.

We wrote letters to music stores and ask around in the circle of friends and supporters of childrenofpaarl for good instruments that were not used anymore but in good condition.

With the second container we were able to ship a Piano, Guitars, Keyboards, Saxophone, Trumpets, Percussion instruments and many other nice instruments. Some new, some used but all in good condition.

It was overwhelming and with another financial support from childrenofpaarl Morné could buy a drum set and have everything ready to start his Music School.

The first year the school worked out of the Holland Child Care Centre. The next year the Child Care Centre had become so big that childrenofpaarl decided to sponsor a separate space in Wellington.

Morné and his students of the Make More Music School had their first concert during a charity golf day for AHOS in Paarl in December 2008.