What AHOS does

Holland Early Learning Centre

In the original idea this started as a Child Care Centre. In January 2005 Ad and Marjo Rietveld from Holland met with John and Pat Martin, listened to their story and decided to sponsor the building of the Child Care Centre with ZAR 500.000. After the initial sponsoring the Rietveld family became really involved. Not […]

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The shelter

The Shelter After the establishment of AHOS as a non –profit organisation and the financial commitment of the Athlone Institute Trust to support the Shelter with an interest free loan of ZAR 500.000 the building of the shelter could start in May 2005. The contract price of the building was ZAR 1.500.000 but with the […]

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Job Skill Centre

Part of the vision of AHOS is to work towards ending all forms of abuse against women and children. To restore a wholesome family life to all victims of abuse and assist them to become productive citizens.

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Kaya Thembi Secondary Housing

Because the vision of AHOS is to restore a wholesome family life and to reintegrate victims of abuse wherever possible with their families, there was also a need for Secondary Housing.

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Vital Health Counseling Centre

The mission of the Counselling Centre is to provide the counselling and support to victims and their families and to reunite families where possible.

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